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What is friendly fare?

At Friendly Fare, we aim to teach kids about health and wellness by promoting connection through literature and food. 


We write books that personify food to teach kids about their emotions and let people with a connection to cooking share their stories.


We inspire parents and kids to cook together using the curated recipes we've provided so the kitchen becomes the most sacred room in the house.


We partner with local businesses and farmers markets to bring communities together and teach the importance of a healthy diet and sustainability.

meet the team

Jen Mizono

Jen Mizono

Co-Founder & Author

Born with a fork and knife in hand, Jen has always had a passion for food. Her California roots have shaped her love for fresh, local ingredients and her small NYC apartment is home to America's tiniest test kitchen.

Peter Hunt

Peter Hunt

Co-Founder & Illustrator

Peter grew up with a big Italian family that taught him that food is the way to a person's heart. When he's not designing buildings, making skateboards, and cooking, you can find him running in Central Park.

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